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7 People that Would Not Benefit From The New Nigeria Economy

1. Lagos Ibeju Lekki real estate would be the most expensive commercial real estate in the next decade if you failed to have bought now you may end up being part of the loser in the axis when the boom arrives

2. Dangote refinery is attracting every corporate body and businesses to Ibeju-Lekki but if your organization does not have a real estate in their name , it would mostly  be among those organizations who would spend most of their profit on Rent and Lease.

3. Lekki deep seaport would change the route of international trade in Nigeria ,if you own a shipping company ,or you are a  maritime practitioner and you have not registered your presence at the lekki free zone you are most likely going to run out of customers and clients before 2010 because other practitioners with strong presence there would be too powerful to compete with and invariably you would run out of business.

4.  The haulage industry in Apapa would eventually  be decentralized with the lifting of petroleum product at Dangote refinery and the movement of goods to and from the Lekki deep seaport. If you  or your company is in the Haulage industry and you are yet to have a real estate of your own at Ibeju Lekki ,you would possibly suffer a pathetic economic setback before 2010 because the big players are already set for action while the present Ibeju Lekki haulage cabal would have occupied the industry activities with no room for late comers.

5. Before 2010 renting an apartment or leasing office space at Ibeju Lekki free zone axis would be a boom for investors but for you as an investor or individual or small business owner who is yet to have a real estate in his/her name and you want to run businesses there ,unequivocally you would have to pay rent through your nose and end up working for Landlords for the rest of your stay in the axis.

6. The Ibeju Lekki free zone axis would attract over 500,000 direct and indirect workers before the end of 2010 ,this would translate to increase in schools for workers kids,hospital to cater for health,business offices too service daily business needs,places of worship like churches and mosque etc. If you are a key layers in the aforementioned industry and you have not gotten a real estate in your name then you lost out from the new economic horizon in Lagos Nigeria.

7. The new economy that would dictate the fate of Nigeria would rise from Ibeju Lekki and the Lekki free zone ,for the last 12 years most of my assessment have come to pass the Yoruba adage says ‘Ankan  ti agbalagba ri Lori ijoko,ti omode ba gun igi, KO leri, literally what this means is that what the elders see when sitting a child cannot see it even if he climbs the tree. ‘Toto sebi owe’ 

During the Goodluck Jonathan regime we experienced rapid purchase of real estate in the axis ,lots of stake holders and individual bought to keep in anticipation of the Dangote refinery and the Lekki deep seaport ,unfortunately as it is Buhari came into power and brought along financial policies that squeeze cash from the system and how does this affected the  axis ,it was a big blow to stake holders with not too strong financial backup ,it resulted into low and slow sales.

 Though this does not crash the price rather it keeps rising due to increasing construction at the Refinery, what does this portends for stake holders, most of them had to put the property back to the market for sales but then the prices are ever increasing because the free zone project never stopped. If you are a salary earner and looking for where to invest your income for a later date with ever increasing value and you are yet to invest at the Ibeju Lekki then you have lost the opportunity of a lifetime that banks  and Government bonds or your contributory retirement can never afford to pay you.

Its a real sad story for someone to work for years and yet you do not have enough rest of mind after you  retired, to Avoid such you need to diversify your investment portfolio to minimize your risk of getting broke one day.

Think of investing in Ibeju Lekki and the free zone most especially to avoid losing the biggest opportunity of our time,you should remember when Lekki and Oniru was sold almost at a give away price of less than two million in the 90s what people said was ,it would never come up but then those who diversified their investment stuck their gun and stayed and today Lekki is a Boom and the only people that regretted was the man who stood his ground never to move he regretted that he would have bought more while those who ran away and rubbish as it is said about theLekki free zone have always regretted their action because it became a missed opportunity of a life time

Take an instant decision today, it is not too late even though its getting late to invest and make profit ,you can find out more information on the internet or contact our business representatives at AGHAO Homes   for more information on where to invest and what areas are available for investment at ibeju Lekki free zone

This piece was written by
Akeem Agbaje

About Akeem Agbaje - Editor-In-Chief

Hi, ABOUT OLA AGBAJE Hi, My Name is Ola Agbaje i am a versatile real estate realtor and have been running for real estate company for the last 15 years which makes me conversant with real estate investment. You can reach me by phone +2348055522183 , +2348093589614.

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