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4 Most Efficient Ways To Succeed In Real Estate

The Best  And Oldest Way Of Investing In Real Estate  For The Past  2,000 years 

Real Estate is one of the oldest  best money making  venture.The formulas and recipe to make millions of monies from it still remains the same for over 2,000 years. only the wise investors follow this rule and this is why they repeat their success everyday. Today. If you do not make time to know this principle and do  read this piece then you may be missing a whole life opportunity to make a remarkable  success in Real Estate.
Who makes the Money in Real Estate?
Donald Trump followed this 2,000 years principle ,he is No 1 Real Estate Investor in the USA. He bought and renovated rundown buildings and bought rejected properties and then add value to them
There is one big major step you take in real estate that will make you a millionaire. Firstly, let us ask a question, why has it become impossible for billions of people to make money? Could it be that they are not smart enough, No! It could be that Government is not doing enough to put the necessary policies and environment that will make it easier for people to make money, No!

This is what majority say, could it be that some are born to  be rich and some are born to be average no matter how hard they tried against all odds and advantages, Yes,religious populist resign to their fate and accept whatever that come their way by omission and commission but in my own opinion could this be true? The clerics should throw more light for a better understanding.

The issue of  FATE  is dominant in Christianity what is the difference between fate and self determination.Asian religions also agree with the principle of  FATE,Is it right to cross our hands and resign to fate to rule of life's? Islamic belief also conform with FATE, can we differentiate between Godly  fate and man made fate. 

To become a successful Investor you must know the difference between schooling and Education
Also, do you agree to the assumption that schooling have reduced several into academic conformist, denying themselves the opportunity to become a freethinker and innovator. 

World leaders have been arrested, tried and jailed for making life unbearable for their citizens.Can this be a factor that have that made the largest population so poor and unproductive?

Apart from these, Governments are the ones that impoverish her people with corruption, embezzlement, wrong polities, political gimmicks, lies, deceit that have resulted in political instability, riots, civil wars, Government overthrows, devaluation of currency, inflation and all other vices, for these reasons most people blame Government for their inabilities, misfortunes and inefficiencies in life, but could this be true in all instances?

Finally, from all indications and after studying the life of most successful men, I will conclude with this hypothesis and without mincing words that lack of success of more that 70% of the world population is due to the lack of “REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE” and this should not be mistaken to mean “Schooling” rather I mean ability to think independently without being a conformist, common sense that can distinguish academic theories from real life situation and how to manage the complexities of life,.

Some have eyes but cannot see,ear they cannot hear,brain but yet cannot think. Who is an ignoramus?
compound knowledge of all basic aspects of life such as economic, social, political, psychology, history, biology, home and street knowledge rather that linear knowledge that confines all your knowledge to only one human endeavor and makes you see life only from one linear angle.
Due to this lack of required knowledge, majority cannot make profit from their real life investments, simply because you got it wrong from the first day that you stuck your money into it.

Our ability to succeed or fail in all endeavors depends on how much knowledge you have in that field.To succeed in real estate investment you need to acquire the basic and professional knowledge passed from investors 2,000 years ago
The truth is that you have gotten it wrong and lost your money in the investment because you are impatient, you were unable to wait a little to see the investment grow, simply because you wanted quicker return on investment (ROI), the banks needed their money in time, so you cannot wait, you needed to invest in a property that could yield quicker returns but unfortunately at the end, you lost out because the property was overpriced, no one will buy from you anymore because of inflation, and too many property in the market begging for a buyer.

You can become bankrupt if you lack the basic knowledge in your investment. You need to take a lesson in real estate to become successful
At this point you became stuck and unable to repay the loan this scenario is what we experience every day, property tax will start eating you alive, maintenance cost will lean your purse, interest payment on the loan will be climbing at a very high speed, your personal savings will be stuck to this good for nothing investment, at this point you will prefer to sell at a loss to get rid of the property before you fall out, due to increasing bank interest, taxes, maintenance cost and the mode at which it has tied up your income at a loss. 
 All these shortcomings are what people experience in all cases because of their impatient to wait and see their investment grow. Man is so impatient and this is the basic reasons why most investors fail from the first day of investment.On this note the professional requirement for a successful real estate investment is to “BUY AND WAIT” to see your investment grow and then take the advantage when it is matured enough to yield profit.

Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet so said  Jean Jacques Rousseau. The Vulture is a patient bird,for you to benefit in real estate Investment the simple rule is to Invest in low priced properties and then wait a bit for the Investment to grow.

Keep it at the back of your mind that for you to succeed in real estate investment you have to apply the principle of “Buy and Wait”.

Firstly, before this theory can work for you one must have a long term goal in order to be able to buy and wait to see your investment grow. After the maturity of your long time goal to “Buy and Wait” it could take 2 – 10 years before the property reach maturity. It is then that you can achieve your short term goal of making a profit between 50% - 500%, your invest.
What To Consider Before You “Buy And Wait” 

Sell when others are buying and buy when others are selling. Your ability to buy properties rejected by others and transform them to riches is the greatest secret of all riches.

The force behind this theory is to look elsewhere from where others are concentrating. You have to think differently and move in the opposite direction from others, you must be able to move to a location before the arrival of all and sundry, you must be an early comer in the location and not a latecomer, you must be able to calculate and invest in places where others have rejected and seen as not too good investment.

You must be able to invest in properties that others rejected for known reasons. You must be able to go with your gut and invest in properties of little value, and most importantly do exactly opposite of what others are doing; buy when others are buying with this you will make fortunes and save yourself from investment loss. There are such Cheap properties near urban and metropolitan cities.                              
Before you can practice this theory you have to follow some basic techniques.
Firstly, how do you buy when others are selling ? to be able to buy when others are selling, you will notice that most people will be rushing to invest in one particular location because of the quick profit they are making, and this is common in major cities and metropolitan where commercial activities are at peak.
Everybody will like to participate and as such it will become the scramble for few properties by too many investors and as such the properties are overpriced. To become a successful real estate investor, such a property do not fulfill your dreams because it takes time to resell such an overpriced property, property taxes are huge, economic recessions makes it impossible for investors to buy, and after a while such properties overflow the market and the only options left at your disposal is to sell with very little profit or in order to get rid of such edifice most people sell at a loss to recover their stocked capital.

Investing in major cities at peak prices are the worst form of investment, they make huge returns that looks like profit but in reality the profits are no real profit compared with when you buy an apartment for $10,000 and sell for $100,000 after waiting for a five years period
Examine immediate town, countries and neighborhood where properties are under-priced and very low, buying properties in such locations near overpriced neighbors will make sense if you can “buy and wait” a while for a time when investors will run to your under-priced properties because prices of properties in major cities are too expensive, investors, tenants, workers will eventually search for lesser properties in close neighborhood 
At this point you will begin to make profit, and to make a better profit do not rush to sell, wait a little longer to make over 100% profit and then reinvest your profit in a new untapped location,repeat the whole process at a different location and similar properties over and over again. This is how you can only make a genuine profit in real estate investment.

2-Buy land at undeveloped locations
The principle of “Buy And Wait” in real estate investment points that you search for in a very scanty settlement or no settlement and do your purchase at a very low purchase price after, all what you need to do is just “Buy And Wait” for a while like 2-10 years” when investors that rejected the property will demand for its purchase undeveloped land This demand for real estate is always triggered by unexpected human and natural factors such as disaster,epidemic,establishment of a factory,change in Government policies,overpopulation and several other reasons such as war and conflicts in major cities prompting the need for a new settlement or exodus To purchase undeveloped land, you must consider some factors. It is most advisable to use your local knowledge of the area to forecast future development in the area, also visit Government offices to know where future projects will be located.

Projects that will demand commercial and residential real estates  such as schools, university, industries, government offices, Airport, seaport, railway stations, and several other projects that will trigger demand for properties when the projects are cited.

To reap good profit in real estate you must be an early comer in such locations 2-10 years before commencement,such as 
Lekki Free Trade Zone Axis In Lagos not when the project have commenced because at that peak time you will see impatient investors looking for where to make quick profit within a short time, it is from such gullible investors that you will make cool profit of over 200% because when you did the purchase they saw nothing but a fool in you.
“Buy And Wait” principle demands that you invest in a low priced property or a rundown apartment when other investors are unwilling to purchase, properties considered as wrong location, bad construction, rundown, dilapidated, unsuitable for use, and all the other reasons given that make the property unsuitable for sale.
If you approach such a property the seller will be willing to sell at a giveaway price to get rid of his burden, no one will compete when purchasing such a property and so such you will dictate the terms of purchase to your best advantage.

Prior to the purchase of the property, look for ways to add value to it by adding or removing walls, also you can just do the purchase and wait a while for a time when all good and suitable properties will be gone from the market, there will be no other option left for investors than to buy your rundown properties at your own price, such as properties  Cheap upcoming land in estates within Ibeju Lekki Lagos At that time many will rush to buy your property in order to demolish and rebuild to meet their taste or purchase to renovate to suit their need. It is at this point that “Buy And Wait” estate investors make over 100% profit.

Most cities of today were grown from a small settlement of scanty houses surrounded by undeveloped hunting land and farmland, to serve the people.
As time went by, people increased in numbers, and necessitated the need for more homes, schools, factories, jobs and all these human settlement took their toll on hunting and farmland which were converted to homes, market, hospitals, schools, and eventually became metropolitan centers.

Once you do it right in real estate your children will grow to become rich and belong to the aristocrats.Simply buy and wait to increase your profit earning.
The irony of this metamorphosis was the growth of ordinary citizens and elite society when farmers, with large families cultivated and controlled large portion of land for the purpose of farming, they claimed ownership of those land at inception, and eventually when the community increased and sought for land.

These group of farmers were paid handsomely to relinquish their land for new owners and as such they became very wealthy and their sons and daughters became traders, warlord, Kings, Queens, Politicians and dominated the oligarchy.This same process is still repeated over and over from generations to generation; new billionaires continue to emerge from nothing.

To achieve this feat, it takes just a little effort, focus, patience and commitment; identify farmlands in your neighborhood state, country, religious and other parts of the world. These land are sold at peanut prices by landowners and government and you can always get it at giveaway prices.After purchase, process all the necessary papers and titles it will make you the rightful owner of the land. For instance you are in Nigeria you can find such cheap land in Lekki axis ,After documentation, think of the best use for the land, you can engage people to use it for their personal farming at no cost but make sure there is a proper documentation and agreement to show their status and limitations on the land, also you can engage a third party mechanized farming partnership to engage the land.

Mechanized farming is just like farming in agrarian age will help to secure your land pending the time when development will reach the zone,you can use this to secure the land for the future.
Also, you can personally invest in mechanized farming, and at worst just purchase, secure the land and wait for the right time to sell or make better use of it, when prices have appreciate or a demand to use the land for other purposes in the community.
Like I have said earlier, don’t just buy a farmland, calculate the indicators that shows that new development will override the use of the land for other purposes than a farmland in time to come ,measure the waiting time and decide if you can be patient to wait.

Visit government town planning office, to check for future projects, if closer to the farmland, the nearer the better, check if cities are rapidly expanding that will necessitate people and projects to move outside the cities, look out for other pointers to predict if the land will be matured for sales in the next 2-15 years.
Make sure the risk you take is properly calculated to reduce your chances of a total loss, but notwithstanding, the higher the risk the higher the profit and the loss. Are you ready to take this risk?

Why think only for yourself you can perform better iii a group rather than doing it individually. This is what Real Estate Alliance stands for, if you pull your resources together with others you can easily achieve your dream of owning a house of your own without debt and stress.
To get a better understanding of this point you must have read my theory of Real Estate AllianceThe backbone of this principle is how one or more people can pool their resources to create services and opportunities for others.
In this circumstances, the first thing is to visit the town planning offices, to identify future projects in a location, state or country, after this investigation, move to the location to be an early comer investor, price will still be very cheap because nothing seems to be happening that will attract the make quick profit investors, at this early stage,
You can buy large hectares of land through workers cooperative society, manufacturer, union, services providers amalgamation, market unions, retail outlet organization and other professional bodies.

After purchase, members of the bodies would move into this location in a large number, to provide their services, products, manufacturing or residential units.
As a result of this singular movement, government will notice them and provide enabling facilities, other service providers will be attracted to the new settlement such as schools, hospitals, market, bus-station, rail station, transporters, and this will ignite the arrival of surveyors, architects, builders, teachers, worship centers and eventually grow to become a new town in less than ten years.

As an investors, where you make the huge profit in real estate is when you purchase more than what you will personally use as an early comer.
Land at that stage will be very cheap; if you will need 1,500sqm for personal use then you can buy a total of 10,000sqm leaving you with an excess of 8,500sqm which is enough to make you a fortune when a boom occurs.
Even at the time of high demand for land do not hold all the land waiting for the peak price before you sell, but rather, sell in batches like 2,000sqm at intervals and reinvest your profit in other places to create new opportunities for you and your generations yet unborn.

This piece was written by
Akeem Agbaje
Blogger,Business Consultant,Business Owner,
Educationist,Real Estate Professional

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Hi, ABOUT OLA AGBAJE Hi, My Name is Ola Agbaje i am a versatile real estate realtor and have been running for real estate company for the last 15 years which makes me conversant with real estate investment. You can reach me by phone +2348055522183 , +2348093589614.

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